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Delilah Ridriguez

2018-12-07 06:26:34 | Profile
Who came here from forest gump

Lee Ellis

2018-10-01 21:56:34 | Profile
Time in a cognitive collective sense is an illusion


2018-09-27 16:56:10 | Profile
I was there when it first was heard on the radio, and it has been my constant companion ever since! My life would not have been the same without this song and this recording being forever locked within my heart and soul !!!

Денчик Калуцкий

2018-09-26 17:47:40 | Profile
The Vietnam war bought me here..

Justin Deppner

2018-09-23 04:01:35 | Profile
This was the perfect song to accompany the pilot for the Wonder years. Sets up the era so well

Archangel Micael

2018-09-09 03:25:36 | Profile
Forrest Gump made me look up this song


2018-09-07 16:23:09 | Profile
Sounds like If I needed someone